Implication is Also a Force

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The United States is a “paradise” of immigration. However, even in the “paradise”, there are countless losers, and 30-year-old Henry is just one of them.


He lives by unemployment benefits, doing nothing all day but lying on a park bench, watching leaves drifting helplessly and clouds flying away, lamenting the fate of injustice.


One day, his childhood friend Cheney came to visit him excitedly, bringing news that can surprise him. Cheney could not wait to tell him: “I saw a magazine, in which an article revealed that Napoleon’s bastard was stranded in the United States and this bastard gave birth to several sons, all the characteristics of whom are similar to yours. They are also short, speaking English with a French accent. "


“Is that true?” Henry felt doubtful, but he was willing to regard everything as true. He took out all the coins in his pocket and treated Cheney with a hamburger and a glass of cola.


“I am the grandson of Napoleon.” For a long time, Henry was always talking about that in his heart. Gradually, this lingering idea finally convinced him that this was a fact.


Thus, Henry's whole life was changed. Previously, he was self-abased and discouraged because of being short, but now he was rather proud of this: my grandfather had commanded a mighty force with such an image. He used to think he had non-standard English pronunciation, like an annoying country bumpkin, but now he was rather proud of his English with a little French accent. When he determined to create a career, because of starting from scratch, he encountered numerous unimaginable difficulties. He often said to himself, the word “difficulty” could not be found in Napoleon's dictionary. In this way, relying on the belief that he is the grandson of Napoleon, he overcame various difficulties to become a large company's chairman, and he also built a 30-story office building opposite the park that he often strolled when he was poor.


In the 10th anniversary of his company, he asked people to investigate his personal life. It turned out that he was not Napoleon's grandson. But Henry was not frustrated due to this but said: “Whether I’m the grandson of Napoleon is no longer important. The important thing is that I know the truth: when you believe, it is true.”


Implication also a force, when the upward beliefs guide the actions of your life, you can reach all the heights you aspire.

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Implication is Also a Force

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Implication is Also a Force

This article was published on 2012/01/06